Wave Goodbye to Bathtime Chaos with Our Self-Wash Service!

Get a Clean, Happy Pup Without the Hassle

At Neighborhood Pet Shoppe, we understand that your pets are cherished members of your family. That’s why we’ve created the perfect environment for you to pamper your pets and create unforgettable bonding moments. Say goodbye to messy home baths and hello to a stress-free, professional-quality bath experience for your furry companion!

Our exclusive Self-Wash Service is the ultimate way to show your pet some extra love while keeping them looking and smelling fresh. Our state-of-the-art wash stations are equipped with all the tools and supplies you need, making the grooming process a breeze. No more struggling at home or dealing with the aftermath; we’ve got you covered!

Everything You Need for Just $12.

For just $12, enjoy a 30-minute self-wash session with all the supplies you need – we provide shampoo, fluffy towels, and top-quality brushes. No need to worry about making a mess at home or struggling to keep your pup still. When you choose a Self-Wash at Neighborhood Pet Shoppe, you get:

Hassle-Free Cleaning

No more wrestling with your pup in the tub or dealing with splashing water. Our self-wash stations are designed with comfort and ease in mind, making bath time a breeze for both you and your furry companion.

Top-Notch Supplies

We only use premium-quality grooming products to ensure your pet’s coat stays shiny, fresh, and healthy.

Expert Guidance

Our friendly staff is available to offer guidance and advice on grooming techniques, so you can master the art of pet pampering like a pro.

Bonding Experience

Self-washing is not just about getting clean; it’s also a wonderful bonding experience with your pet. Strengthen your relationship and make lasting memories with your furry friend.

Give Your Dog the Best Bath Experience, No Appointment Needed

Our self-wash process is simple and straightforward. When you arrive, head straight to our self-wash area, conveniently equipped with spacious tubs and all the grooming essentials. Our staff will be there to guide you and ensure you have everything you need for a successful and stress-free wash!

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Get $1.00 OFF Tomlyn Relax & Calm Products and $1.00 OFF Tomlyn Allercaine for Hot Spots

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Frequently Asked Questions:

No need! Our Self-Wash stations come fully stocked with everything you need for a complete grooming session.

Absolutely! Our experienced staff will be happy to assist you and provide expert tips for a successful Self-Wash.

Absolutely! We take pride in maintaining a clean and sanitized environment for the safety and comfort of your pet.

Each session lasts for 30 minutes. It’s plenty of time to give your pup a thorough wash and some extra love.

It’s Time for an Easy Bath Time Experience!

Visit your nearest Neighborhood Pet Shoppe location to get washing today!